Vivotek VS3100P Specifications

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Summary of Contents

Page 2 - 2 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 10 - User's Manual Software InstallationInstallation Wizard 2 (IW2), free-bundled software included on the product CD, helps you set u

Page 3 - Overview

VIVOTEK 100 - User's Manual Only the parameters that you set and are readable will be returned. Example: Set the IP address of server to 192.1

Page 4 - Physical Description

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 101 (UTF-8, UTF-16BE or UTF-16-LE). coordinate x, y coordinate (eg. 0,0) window size window width and height (eg.

Page 5 - Status LED

VIVOTEK 102 - User's Manual 0: GMT Casablanca, Greenwich Mean Time: Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London 40: GMT 01:00 Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome,

Page 6 - SD/SDHC Card Capacity

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 103 o_endtime (product dependent) daylight_timezonesstring 6/6 List time zone index which support daylight saving

Page 7 - Network Deployment

VIVOTEK 104 - User's Manual version number in the format: <MODEL-BRAND-VERSION> language_count <integer> 0/7 Number of webpage

Page 8 - 8 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 105 control PTZ user_i0_name string[64] 6/7 User name of root user_i<1~20>_name string[64] 6/7 User name

Page 9 - User's Manual - 9

VIVOTEK 106 - User's Manual privatekey_exist <boolean> 6/6 Private key installed flag (for TLS) privatekey_time <integer> 6/7

Page 10 - Software Installation

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 107 alternateport 1025~65535 6/6 Alternate HTTP port. authmode basic, digest 1/6 HTTP authentication mode. s0_

Page 11 - Ready to Use

VIVOTEK 108 - User's Manual me (capability.protocol.rtsp=1 and>3)s0_audiotrack<integer> 6/6 The current audio t

Page 12 - Accessing the Video Server

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 109 Group: ipfilter NAME VALUE SECURITY (get/set) DESCRIPTION enable <boolean> 6/6 Enable access list filt

Page 13

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 11 Ready to Use1� Access the video server on the LAN�2� Retrieve live video through a web browser or recording softw

Page 14 - Using RTSP Players

VIVOTEK 110 - User's Manual 1(support) Bit 5 => Support focus operation; 0(not support), 1(support) text string[16] 1/4 Enclose caption.

Page 15 - User's Manual - 15

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 111 4_quantlevel encoder. 1 = best quality, 31 = worst quality. s<0~(m-1)>_mpeg4_bitrate 1000~4000000 4/4 S

Page 16 - 16 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 112 - User's Manual Group: imagepreview_c<0~(n-1)> for n channel products NAME VALUE SECURITY (get/set) DESCRIPTION brightness

Page 17 - Main Page

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 113 Group: ddnsNAME VALUE SECURITY (get/set) DESCRIPTION enable <boolean> 6/6 Enable or disable the dynami

Page 18 - Title and Time

VIVOTEK 114 - User's Manual level 0~7 6/6 Levels used to distinguish the importance of the information: 0: LOG_EMERG 1: LOG_ALERT 2: LOG_CR

Page 19 - Video 13:44:17 2008/06/30

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 115 rocommunity string[31] 6/6 Ready only community syslocation string[128] 6/6 Description of Camera location

Page 20 - 20 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 116 - User's Manual Bit 2 => Support pan operation, 0(not support), 1(support) Bit 3 => Support tilt operation; 0(not support),

Page 21 - Client Settings

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 117 peg MJPEG. protocol_snmp <boolean> 0/7 Indicate whether to support SNMP. protocol_ipv6 <boolean>

Page 22 - File name prefix

VIVOTEK 118 - User's Manual network_wireless <boolean> 0/7 Indicate whether to support wireless. wireless_s802dot11b<boolean>

Page 23 - Conguration

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 119 enable 0, 1 6/6 Enable or disable this event. priority 0, 1, 2 6/6 Indicate the priority of this event: “0

Page 24 - Click to switch to Basic Mode

VIVOTEK 12 - User's Manual Accessing the Video ServerThis chapter explains how to access the video server through web browsers, RTSP players

Page 25 - User's Manual - 25

VIVOTEK 120 - User's Manual endtime hh:mm 6/6 End time of the weekly schedule. (00:00 ~ 24:00 sets schedule as always on) action_do_i<0~

Page 26 - Security

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 121 email_sslmode 0, 1 6/6 Enable support SSL. email_port 0~65535 6/6 Port to connect to the server. email_use

Page 27 - User's Manual - 27

VIVOTEK 122 - User's Manual Group: recording_i<0~1>PARAMETER VALUE SECURITY(get/set)DESCRIPTION name string[40] 6/6 Identification o

Page 28 - 28 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 123 begintime hh:mm 6/6 Start time of the weekly schedule. endtime hh:mm 6/6 End time of the weekly schedule.

Page 29 - User's Manual - 29

VIVOTEK 124 - User's Manual Group: disk_i<0~(n-1)> n is the total number of storage devices.PARAMETER VALUE SECURITY(get/set)DESCRIPTI

Page 30 - 30 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 125 Return: HTTP/1.0 200 OK\r\n Content-Type: text/plain\r\n Content-Length: <length>\r\n\r\n[di0=<state>

Page 31 - User's Manual - 31

VIVOTEK 126 - User's Manual [do1=<state>]\r\n [do2=<state>]\r\n [do3=<state>]\r\n where <state> can be 0 or 1. Example

Page 32 - 32 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 127 [Content-Length: <image size>\r\n] <binary JPEG image data> Account Management Note: This request re

Page 33 - User's Manual - 33

VIVOTEK 128 - User's Manual Syntax: http://<servername>/cgi-bin/admin/syslog.cgiServer will return the most up-to-date system log. Retur

Page 34 - Video Server (192�168�5�151)

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 129 Return: HTTP/1.0 200 OK\r\n Content-Type: text/plain\r\n Content-Length: <system information length>\r\n \

Page 35 - User's Manual - 35

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 13 ► By default, the video server is not password-protected. To prevent unauthorized access, it is highly recommende

Page 36 - From the Internet In LAN

VIVOTEK 130 - User's Manual deletedeny Remove denied IP address range from server. If start and end parameters are specified, it will try to

Page 37 - User's Manual - 37

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 131 Senddata (capability.nuart>0) Note: This request requires Viewer privileges. Method: GET/POST Syntax: http://

Page 38 - 38 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 132 - User's Manual PARAMETER VALUE DESCRIPTION cmd_type <string> Required. Command to be executed, including search, insert

Page 39 - User's Manual - 39

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 133 http://<servername>/cgi-bin/admin/lsctrl.cgi?cmd=search&triggerType=’motion’+OR+’di’+OR+’seq’&trig

Page 40 - 40 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 134 - User's Manual Technical SpecicationsExternal View.CE, LVD, FCC, VCCI, C-Tick.CPU: TI DM365 SoC.Flash: 128MB.RAM: 128MB.Embedded

Page 41 - User's Manual - 41


Page 42 - QoS/DSCP (the DiffServ model)

VIVOTEK 136 - User's ManualElectromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)FCC StatementThis device compiles with FCC Rules Part 15� Operation is subject to

Page 43 - User's Manual - 43

VIVOTEK 14 - User's Manual Using RTSP PlayersTo view the MPEG-4 streaming media using RTSP players, you can use one of the following players t

Page 44 - ► Microsoft

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 15 Using 3GPP-compatible Mobile DevicesTo view the streaming media through 3GPP-compatible mobile devices, make sure

Page 45 - Talk Button

VIVOTEK 16 - User's Manual Using VIVOTEK Recording SoftwareThe product software CD also contains recording software, allowing simultaneous mo

Page 46 - Video 16:38:01 2008/01/03

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 17 Main PageThis chapter explains the layout of the main page� It is composed of the following sections: VI

Page 47 - User's Manual - 47

VIVOTEK 18 - User's Manual Live Video Window The following window is displayed when the video mode is set to MPEG-4:Video Title: The video ti

Page 48 - 48 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 19 Volume: When the Mute function is not activated, move the slider bar to adjust the volume on the local compute

Page 49 - User's Manual - 49

VIVOTEK 2 - User's Manual Table of Contents Overview..

Page 50 - Access List

VIVOTEK 20 - User's Manual Full Screen: Click this button to switch to full screen mode. Press the “Esc” key to switch back to normal mode�

Page 51 - User's Manual - 51

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 21 Client SettingsThis chapter explains how to select the stream transmission mode and saving options on the local c

Page 52 - Allowed

VIVOTEK 22 - User's Manual MP4 Saving OptionsUsers can record live video as they are watching it by clicking Start MP4 Recording on the ma

Page 53 - Video 17:08:56 2008/06/25

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 23 CongurationClick Configuration on the main page to enter the camera setting pages� Note that only Admini

Page 54 - 17:08:56 2008/06/25

VIVOTEK 24 - User's Manual Advanced ModeEach function on the conguration list will be explained in the following sections. Those functions th

Page 55 - User's Manual - 55

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 25 System TimeKeep current date and time: Select this option to preserve the current date and time of the Video serv

Page 56 - 56 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 26 - User's Manual SecurityThis section explains how to enable password protection and create multiple accounts�Root PasswordThe admin

Page 57 - User's Manual - 57

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 27 HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL) Advanced ModeThis section explains how to enable authentication and

Page 58 - Audio Settings

VIVOTEK 28 - User's Manual 4. The Certicate Information will automatically de displayed in the third column as shown below. You can click Pro

Page 59 - Motion Detection

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 29 Create self-signed certificate manually1� Select this option�2� Click Create to open the Create Certicate page,

Page 60 - 60 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 3 OverviewVIVOTEK VS8102 is a 1-CH video server supporting the high-performance H�264 compression format that drasti

Page 61 - Camera Tampering Detection

VIVOTEK 30 - User's Manual 3� If you see the following Information bar, click OK and click on the Information bar at the top of the page to al

Page 62 - Camera Control

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 31 5. Look for a trusted certicate authority that issues digital certicates. Enroll the video server. Wait for the

Page 63 - User's Manual - 63

VIVOTEK 32 - User's Manual SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Advanced ModeThis section explains how to use the SNMP on the v

Page 64 - 64 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 33 NetworkThis section explains how to congure a wired network connection for the video server.Network TypeLANSelec

Page 65 - User's Manual - 65

VIVOTEK 34 - User's Manual Primary DNS: The primary domain name server that translates hostnames into IP addresses�Secondary DNS: Secondary do

Page 66 - Custom Command

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 35 NOTE► If the default ports are already used by other devices connected to the same router, the video server will

Page 67 - Homepage Layout

VIVOTEK 36 - User's Manual 4� In the Networking Services dialog box, select Universal Plug and Play and click OK� 5� Click Next

Page 68 - Theme Options

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 37 Enable IPv6Select this option and click Save to enable IPv6 settings� Please note that this only works if your ne

Page 69 - User's Manual - 69

VIVOTEK 38 - User's Manual Please follow the steps below to link to an IPv6 address:1� Open your web browser�2� Enter the link-global or link-

Page 70 - Application

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 39 IEEE 802�1x Advanced ModeEnable this function if your network environment uses IEEE 802�1x, which is a por

Page 71 - Event Settings

VIVOTEK 4 - User's Manual Physical DescriptionFront PanelBack PanelGeneral I/O Terminal BlockThis video server provides a general I/O terminal

Page 72 - 72 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 40 - User's Manual 3� When all settings are complete, move the video server to the protected LAN by connecting it to an 802�1x enable

Page 73 - User's Manual - 73

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 41 QoS (Quality of Service) Advanced ModeQuality of Service refers to a resource reservation control mechanism, whic

Page 74 - 74 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 42 - User's Manual QoS/DSCP (the DiffServ model)DSCP-ECN defines QoS at Layer 3 (Network Layer)� The Differentiated Services (DiffS

Page 75 - User's Manual - 75

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 43 HTTP Advanced ModeTo utilize HTTP authentication, make sure that your have set a password for the video server r

Page 76 - Server Settings

VIVOTEK 44 - User's Manual URL command -- http://<ip address>:<http port>/<access name for stream 1 ~ 4>For example, when th

Page 77 - User's Manual - 77

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 45 Note that as JPEG only transmits a series of JPEG images to the client, to enable the two-way audio function, mak

Page 78 - 78 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 46 - User's Manual RTSP StreamingTo utilize RTSP streaming authentication, make sure that you have set a password for the video server

Page 79 - Media Settings

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 47 RTSP port /RTP port for video, audio/ RTCP port for video, audio RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) controls t

Page 80 - 80 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 48 - User's Manual DDNSThis section explains how to congure the dynamic domain name service for the video server. DDNS is a service t

Page 81 - 20081122

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 49 4� Select Enable DDNS and click Save to enable the setting� CustomSafe100VIVOTEK offers documents to establis

Page 82 - 82 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 5 DI/DO DiagramPlease refer to the following illustration for the connection method�12V+12VDigital outputPIN 1Power+

Page 83 - User's Manual - 83

VIVOTEK 50 - User's Manual Access List Advanced ModeThis section explains how to control access permission by verifying the client PC’s IP add

Page 84 - 84 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 51 Refresh: Click this button to refresh all current connections. Add to deny list: You can select entries from t

Page 85

VIVOTEK 52 - User's Manual Network: This rule allows the user to assign a network address and corresponding subnet mask to the Allow/Deny List

Page 86 - Local Storage

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 53 Audio and VideoThis section explains how to cofigure the audio and video settings of the video server� It

Page 87 - User's Manual - 87

VIVOTEK 54 - User's Manual Note that when the frame size is set to 176 x 144 as shown in the picture below, only the time will be stamped on t

Page 88 - Search Results

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 55 You can click Preview to fine-tune the image, or click Restore to recall the original settings without incorpo

Page 89 - User's Manual - 89

VIVOTEK 56 - User's Manual Video quality settings for stream 1 ~ 4 Advanced ModeClick the items to display the detailed video quality settings

Page 90 - System Log

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 57 Frame sizeYou can set up different video resolution for different viewing devices� For example, set a smaller

Page 91 - View Parameters

VIVOTEK 58 - User's Manual Video qualityThe video quality can be adjusted to the following settings: Medium, Standard, Good, Detailed, and

Page 92 - Maintenance

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 59 Motion DetectionThis section explains how to congure the video server to enable motion detection. A total of thr

Page 93 - Export / Upload Files

VIVOTEK 6 - User's Manual Hardware ResetThe reset button is used to reset the system or restore the factory default settings� Sometimes resett

Page 94

VIVOTEK 60 - User's Manual A green bar indicates that even though motions have been detected, the event has not been triggered because the ima

Page 95 - User's Manual - 95

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 61 Camera Tampering Detection This section explains how to set up camera temper detection� With tamper dete

Page 96 - Appendix

VIVOTEK 62 - User's Manual Camera ControlThis section explains how to control the Network Camera’s Pan/Tilt/Zoom operation by connec

Page 97 - Security Level

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 63 Preset PositionsIf you select DynaDome/SmartDOME, Lilin PIH-7x00, or Pelco D protocol as the PTZ driver and clic

Page 98

VIVOTEK 64 - User's Manual The Camera Control Panel and Preset Positions will be displayed on the home page: Click Go to: Select one from t

Page 99 - Set Server Parameter Values

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 65 Patrol SettingsYou can select some preset positions for the Network Camera to patrol�Please follow the steps belo

Page 100

VIVOTEK 66 - User's Manual Custom CommandIf Custom Camera (scanner) is selected as the PTZ driver, the Preset Position and PTZ Control Panel o

Page 101 - -180: GMT-04:30 Caracas

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 67 Homepage Layout Advanced ModeThis section explains how to set up your own customized homepage layout. PreviewThis

Page 102

VIVOTEK 68 - User's Manual Theme OptionsHere you can change the color of your homepage layout� There are three types of preset patterns for yo

Page 103

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 69 Follow the steps below to set up the customed homepage:1� Click Custom on the left column�2. Click the eld whe

Page 104

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 7 Network DeploymentSetting up the Video Server over the InternetThis section explains how to congure the video ser

Page 105

VIVOTEK 70 - User's Manual Application Advanced ModeThis section explains how to configure the video server to responds to particular s

Page 106

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 71 Event SettingsIn the Event Settings column, click Add to open the Event Settings page� On this page, you can ar

Page 107

VIVOTEK 72 - User's Manual An event is an action initiated by a user-defined trigger source; it is the causal arrangement of the follo

Page 108

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 73 Camera tampering detectionThis option allows the video server to trigger when the camera detects that is is bei

Page 109

VIVOTEK 74 - User's Manual To set an event with recorded video or snapshots, it is necessary to congure the server and media settings so that

Page 110

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 75 When completed, click Save to enable the settings and click Close to exit Event Settings page� The new event sett

Page 111

VIVOTEK 76 - User's Manual Server SettingsClick Add Server on Event Settings page to open the Server Setting page� On this page, you can speci

Page 112

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 77 FTP: Select to send the media les to an FTP server when a trigger is activated. Server address: Enter the domai

Page 113

VIVOTEK 78 - User's Manual HTTP: Select to send the media les to an HTTP server when a trigger is activated. URL: Enter the URL of the HTTP

Page 114

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 79 Media SettingsClick Add Media on the Event Settings page to open the Media Settings page� On this page, you can s

Page 115

VIVOTEK 8 - User's Manual Internet connection via a routerBefore setting up the video server over the Internet, make sure you have a router an

Page 116

VIVOTEK 80 - User's Manual Video clip: Select to send video clips when a trigger is activated� Source: The video source. The stream source w

Page 117

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 81 You can continue to select a server and media type for the event� Please go back to page 66 for detailed informat

Page 118

VIVOTEK 82 - User's Manual Click 20081120 to open the directory:Click to delete selected itemsClick to delete all recorded dataClick to g

Page 119

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 83 Recording Advanced ModeThis section explains how to congure the recording settings for the video server.Recordin

Page 120

VIVOTEK 84 - User's Manual If successful, you will receive a test.txt le on the network storage server. 3� Enter a server name�4� Click

Page 121

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 85 Source: Select the recording source (stream 1 ~ 4)�Trigger: Select a trigger source� Schedule: The server will s

Page 122

VIVOTEK 86 - User's Manual Local Storage Advanced ModeThis section explains how to manage the local storage on the video server� Here you can

Page 123

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 87 SD card control Enable cyclic storage: Check this item if you want to enable cyclic recording� When the maximum

Page 124 - Drive the Digital Output

VIVOTEK 88 - User's Manual Search ResultsThe following is an example of search results� There are four columns: Trigger time, Media type, Trig

Page 125

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 89 Download: Click on a search result to highlight the selected item in purple as shown above� Then click the Downlo

Page 126 - Capture Single Snapshot

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 9 Set up the Video Server through Power over Ethernet (PoE)When using a PoE-enabled switchThe video server is PoE-

Page 127 - System Logs

VIVOTEK 90 - User's Manual System Log Advanced ModeThis section explains how to congure the video server to send the system log to the remote

Page 128 - Upgrade Firmware

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 91 View Parameters Advanced ModeThe View Parameters page lists the entire system’s parameters in alphabetical or

Page 129 - IP Filtering

VIVOTEK 92 - User's Manual MaintenanceThis chapter explains how to restore the video server to factory default, upgrade firmware vers

Page 130 - Open the Network Stream

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 93 Export / Upload Files Advanced ModeThis feature allows you to Export / Upload daylight saving time rules, custom

Page 131

VIVOTEK 94 - User's Manual Upload daylight saving time rule: Click Browse… and specify the XML le to upload.If the incorrect date and time ar

Page 132

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 95 The following message is displayed when the upgrade has succeeded� The following message is displayed when you h

Page 133

VIVOTEK 96 - User's Manual Appendix URL Commands for the Network Camera/Video ServerOverviewFor some customers who already have their own

Page 134 - Specifications

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 97 General CGI URL Syntax and Parameters CGI parameters are written in lower-case and as one word without any unders

Page 135 - Technology License Notice

VIVOTEK 98 - User's Manual [&<parameter>…] http://<servername>/cgi-bin/operator/getparam.cgi?[<parameter>][&<para

Page 136 - Liability

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 99 Set Server Parameter Values Note: The access right depends on the URL directory. Method: GET/POST Syntax: http://

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