Vivotek AE-201 Installation Guide

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IP Surveillance
Installation Guide
AE-251/-252 Outdoor Enclosure,
AE-201/-202 Indoor Enclosure,
AM-114 Pendant Head (outdoor),
AM-116 and AM-117 Pendant Pipes,
AM-221 Gooseneck,
AM-212 Wall-mount bracket,
AM-311 Pole Mount,
AM-411 Corner Mount,
AM-711 Junction Box.
VIVOTEK IP8152 Mini Box Series
Outdoor Enclosure
Rev. 1.0
IP8152_housing_ig_VVTK_v1.0_20121206.indd 1 2013/1/10 下午 01:36:27
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Outdoor Enclosure

IP SurveillanceInstallation GuideUsing AE-251/-252 Outdoor Enclosure,AE-201/-202 Indoor Enclosure,AM-114 Pendant Head (outdoor),AM-116 and AM-117 Pend

Page 2 - Revison History:

10. You should also swing the measurement tool and the camera back and forth to make sure there is enough clearance at different shooting angles. Yo

Page 3 - Compatible VIVOTEK Cameras

11EnglishMake adjustments to the camera's shooting direction. 8. Feed power lines and other cables through a gooseneck bracket, a pendant head,

Page 4

1210. Install the camera into the housing by driving 2 M6 screws. 11. Depending on your choice with the mounting type using a gooseneck or other acces

Page 5 - Compatible Accessories

13English3-2. Installing AE-201 and AE-202 Housing Below is a general sample procedure using an outdoor enclosure: 1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to lo

Page 6

14Ø 290 mm hole in diameter3. For details about installing camera to the brackets, please refer to previous discussions on page 7, page 9, page 10, pa

Page 7

15EnglishClockwise: Brings the clamping plate closerto ceilingCounter-clockwise: Increases the clearance7. Use a Phillips screwdriver to turn and to 

Page 8

168. Install the trim ring to the housing by fastening 4 screws. IP8152_housing_ig_VVTK_v1.0_20121206.indd 16 2013/1/10 下午 01:36:48

Page 9

17EnglishBelow is a general, sample procedure using a gooseneck bracket: 1. Route power lines and other cables through the wall and the bracket. 2. L

Page 10

18Below is a sample procedure using a Pendant pipe: 1. Determine a hard surface ceiling location, and use the mounting holes on the pendant head itsel

Page 11

19English34576Pendant HeadPendant PipeOutdoor EnclosureCables3. Route power lines and other cables through the side opening and a 1-inch conduit (user

Page 12

2AE-251 and AE-252 Outdoor Enclosure Package ContentsRevison History: Rev. 1.0: Initial release.1. Enclosure.2. Dome cover.3. Power supply with cable

Page 13

207. Secure the connection using the included hex wrench. When cabling is done, proceed with initial setup such as enabling network access, focus tuni

Page 14 - Ø 290 mm hole

21EnglishBelow is a general, sample procedure using a Corner mount bracket: 1. Combine the two brackets together using the included nuts and washers.2

Page 15

22Below is a general, sample procedure using a Pole mount bracket: 1. Route power lines and other cables through the included cable gland, pass them t

Page 16

23English3-7. Junciton Box Installation1234Below are the package contents of the AM-711 junction box: 1. Junction box.2. Screws for box type brackets.

Page 17 - 3-3. Gooseneck Installation

24Below is a general, sample procedure using a junction box: 1. Use the included hex wrench to remove the socket head cap screws, and then open the fr

Page 18

25English3. Use the included hex head bolts to secure a gooseneck bracket to the junction box. 4. cables should have been connected and routed through

Page 19

265. Use the included hex wrench to fasten the socket head screws for the front door. 6. Use the 4 mounting holes on the back of the junction box to a

Page 20

27English7. You should then attach the junction box, along with the camera, to a pole-mount or corner-mount position. A pole-mount installation is sho

Page 21

3EnglishCompatible VIVOTEK Cameras1AE-201AE-202AE-251AE-252IP8152Mechanical DimensionsIP8152_housing_ig_VVTK_v1.0_20121206.indd 3 2013/1/10 下午 01:

Page 22 - 3-6. Pole Mount Installation

4IP8152_housing_ig_VVTK_v1.0_20121206.indd 4 2013/1/10 下午 01:36:34

Page 23

5EnglishCompatible Accessories (2): AM-311 Pole Mount BracketCompatible Accessories (3): AM-411 Corner Mount BracketCompatible Accessories2Warning:1.

Page 24

6Compatible Accessories (4): AM-711 Junction BoxCompatible Accessories (5-2): AM-116 and AM-117 Pendant PipeCompatible Accessories (5-1): AM-114 Penda

Page 25

7EnglishMounting & Cabling with Outdoor Enclosures33-1. Installing Camera to AE-251 and AE-252 Housing Below is a general sample procedure using a

Page 26

83. The IP8152 supports 4 different lens modules. If you are installing the larger lens [AL-231(2.8-12mm), and AL-234(5-50mm)], you need to remove the

Page 27

9English5. Secure camera to the bracket assembly by driving a athead screw. 6. Bend the included measurement tool into a rectangular arch. Attach the

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