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Monitoring Application for iPad , iPod , iPhone
and Android phones and tablets
Rev. 2.1
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Rev. 2.1

iViewerMonitoring Application for iPad , iPod , iPhoneRRRand Android phones and tabletsRRev. 2.1

Page 2 - About this Document

10 2-4-1.Changethedisplayorderofdifferentdevicegroups. By default, the device group that most recently joined the iViewer is placed on top.

Page 3 - Network Cameras

11 2-4-2.Changethecameras'positionsonliveview. Youcanplaceyourngertipononecamerafor0.5 seconduntilitbecomesaoat,andthe

Page 4

12 2-4-3.AddcameratotheMyFavoritegroupordeletethecamerafromlist. Placeyourngertipononecamerafor0.5 seconduntilitbecomes a

Page 5 - Knowing Buttons in iViewer

132-5. Double tap on a camera view cell opens a full view window. Tap on the Back button on the upper left of screen to return to the Live view window

Page 6

14For fisheye cameras, use the button to enable PTZ control in a Regional or Panoramic view. NOTE:WheninasheyePanoramicview,swipetothelef

Page 7

152-5-2. Playback: searches and plays recorded video footages on a VAST, ST7501 server, or an NVR station. Use the time roller to select the time wh

Page 8

162014/10/15 17:00:04 Recorded time of current playbackPlayback statusControl buttonsCamera name2014/10/15 17:00:04Return to LiveDewarp modesThe Playb

Page 9

17Rotate your iPad to view a live video in a portrait or landscape orientation. The video rotates accordingly for both multi- and single-cell displays

Page 10

18III. Other Functions 3-1. Editing an Existing Server or CameraTo access a server,1. Enter the server group.2. Tap on a server name on top to enter t

Page 11

19In the Device list window, place your finger tip on a server for half a second. Swipe to the left, and the Delete button will appear. Tap the Delete

Page 12

21-2. An established VAST, ST7501, or VIVOTEK's NVR deployment consisting of multiple network cameras, where the VAST or ST7501 servers can be ac

Page 13 - Pan or tilt

20iPad®, iPod®, and iPhone® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Credit NoticeBelow are the limitations of the c

Page 14

3Wi-Fi Access Point LANNetwork CamerasiViewerport: 80port: 801-4.TheiViewerrev.1.3andabovesupportsdirectconnectionswithnetworkcameraswhe

Page 15 - Current field of view

4• BelowaretypicalTCPportsforaccesstoindividualnetworkcamerasNetworkGeneralsettings:HTTPS=  443FTP = 21Streaming:HTTP = 80Sec

Page 16 - 2014/10/15 17:00:04

5Knowing Buttons in iViewerIcon Name Function LocationAdd camera / stationTap to add cameras, VAST/ST7501 station, or NVR.LiveSettingDisplays the Tuto

Page 17 - IMPORTANT:

6Icon Name Function LocationPTZTap to enter the PTZ mode.Full viewPTZPTZ control is taking place. Tap again to disable PTZ control. Full viewlFisheyeT

Page 18 - III. Other Functions

7II. Getting Started and Basic OperationStarting Up2-1.iViewerisacquiredthroughtheAppStore(forAppledevices),andisstartedbyadoubletap

Page 19

8 After a short while, devices discovered on the local network will be listed. Single tap to select a device, and then tap on the Add button below.

Page 20 - Credit Notice

92-3-2.You can also tap on the ADD DEVICES MANUALLY, especially if a device comes from the outside of the local network. Select eitheraSERVERoran

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