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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - User's Manual - 1

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 1

Page 2 - 2 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 10 - User's Manual Power over Ethernet (PoE)The Network Camera is PoE-compliant, allowing transmission of power and data v

Page 3 - Overview

VIVOTEK 100 - User's Manual Query Status of the Digital Input Note: This request requires Viewer privileges. Method: GET/POST Syntax: http://

Page 4 - Physical Description

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 101Syntax: http://<servername>/cgi-bin/dido/getdo.cgi?[do0][&do1][&do2][&do3] If no parameter is sp

Page 5 - Status LED

VIVOTEK 102 - User's Manual channel 0~(n-1) 0 The channel number of the video source. resolution <available resolution> 0 The resol

Page 6 - Hardware Reset

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 103admin Administrator privilege. return <return page> Redirect to the page <return page> after the par

Page 7 - Installation

VIVOTEK 104 - User's Manual Camera Control Note: This request requires Viewer privileges. Method: GET/POST Syntax: http://<servername&

Page 8 - Network Deployment

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 105RecallNote: This request requires Viewer privileges. Method: GET Syntax: http://<servername>/cgi-bin/viewe

Page 9 - User's Manual - 9

VIVOTEK 106 - User's Manual IP Filtering Note: This request requires Administrator access privileges. Method: GET/POST Syntax: http://<s

Page 10 - Power over Ethernet (PoE)

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 107Syntax: http://<servername>/<network_rtsp_s<0~m-1>_accessname> “m” is the stream number. “networ

Page 11 - Software Installation

VIVOTEK 108 - User's Manual Technical SpecicationsVIVOTEK IZ7151, incorporates a fully integrated Sony 18x optical zoom lens and progressive

Page 12 - Accessing the Network Camera


Page 13 - Controls for your browser

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 11Software InstallationInstallation Wizard 2, a software packaged in the product CD, helps to locate your Network Cam

Page 14 - Using RTSP Players

VIVOTEK 110 - User's ManualElectromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)FCC StatementThis device compiles with FCC Rules Part 15� Operation is subject t

Page 15 - Using 3GPP Mobile Phones

VIVOTEK 12 - User's Manual Accessing the Network CameraThis chapter explains how to access the Network Camera using web browsers, RTSP pla

Page 16 - 16 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 13► If you see a dialog box indicating that your security settings prohibit running ActiveX® Controls, please enable

Page 17 - Main Page

VIVOTEK 14 - User's Manual Using RTSP PlayersTo view the MPEG-4 streaming media using RTSP players, you can use one of the following p

Page 18 - Live Video Window

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 15Using 3GPP Mobile PhonesTo view the streaming media using mobile phones, make sure the Network Camera is setup on t

Page 19 - Video control

VIVOTEK 16 - User's Manual Using VIVOTEK Recording SoftwareThe product software contains a recording software, allowing simultaneous monitori

Page 20 - Mic Volume :

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 17Main PageThis chapter explains the layout of the main page� It is composed of the following four sections: VIVOTEK

Page 21 - Client Settings

VIVOTEK 18 - User's Manual Zoom speed Focus speed-3 -3 Slower-2 -2-1 -10 01 12 23 3 FasterHost NameHost Name :The host name can be customi

Page 22 - File name prefix

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 19Start MP4 Recording :Click this button to record video clips in MP4 file format to your computer� Press the Stop M

Page 23 - Conguration

VIVOTEK 2 - User's Manual Table of Contents Overview.

Page 24 - DI and DO

VIVOTEK 20 - User's Manual Start MP4 Recording :Click this button to record video clips in MP4 file format to your computer� Press the Stop

Page 25 - Security

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 21Client SettingsThis chapter explains how to select the streaming source, transmission mode and saving options at lo

Page 26 - 26 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 22 - User's Manual HTTP :This protocol allows the same quality as TCP protocol and the users don’t need to open specific port for str

Page 27 - Network Type

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 23CongurationOnly Administrators can access the system configuration page� Each category in the left column will be

Page 28 - 28 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 24 - User's Manual Time zone :According to your local time zone, select one from the drop-down list�Keep current date and time :Selec

Page 29 - User's Manual - 29

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 25SecurityThis section explains how to enable password protection and create multiple accounts� It is comp

Page 30 - is enabled�

VIVOTEK 26 - User's Manual Here you can change user’s access rights or delete user accounts� 1:Pull down the user list to nd an account.2:Ma

Page 31 - User's Manual - 31

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 27NetworkThis section explains how to configure wired network connection for the Network Camera� It is composed of

Page 32 - Two way audio

VIVOTEK 28 - User's Manual If the default ports are already used by other device connecting to the same router, the Network Camera will selec

Page 33 - RTSP Streaming

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 292:In the Add or Remove Programs dialog box, click Add/Remove Windows Components�3:In the Windows Components Wizard

Page 34 - 34 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 3OverviewRead Before UseVIVOTEK IZ7151, featuring a 18x zoom progressive scan CCD module that can capture superior cl

Page 35 - Multicast TTL [1~255] :

VIVOTEK 30 - User's Manual 5:Click Next in the following window�6:Click Finish� UPnPTM is enabled�► How does UPnPTM work?UPnPTM networking t

Page 36 - 36 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 31port is set to 8080� Also, they can be assigned with another port number between 1025 and 65535� If the ports are i

Page 37 - User's Manual - 37

VIVOTEK 32 - User's Manual ► Microsoft® Internet Explorer does not support server push technology; therefore, using http://<ip address>

Page 38

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 33FTPThe FTP server allows the Network Camera to utilize VIVOTEK Installation Wizard 2 to upgrade firmware� By defaul

Page 39 - Access List

VIVOTEK 34 - User's Manual rtsp://<ip address>:<rtsp port>/<access name for stream1 or stream2> For example, when the acces

Page 40 - Click Delete to take effect�

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 35address and allows multiple clients to acquire the stream by requesting a copy from the Multicast group address�The

Page 41 - Audio and Video

VIVOTEK 36 - User's Manual DDNSThis section explains how to configure dynamic domain name service for the Network Camera� DDNS is a service

Page 42 - GATE 16:38:01 2008/01/03

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 37[Register] Successfully� Your account information has been mailed to registered e-mail address�3:Click Copy and al

Page 43 - CCD Settings

VIVOTEK 38 - User's Manual Dyndns�org(Dynamic) / Dyndns�org(Custom):visit http://www�dyndns�com/ TZO�com:visit http://www�tzo�com/ DHS�or

Page 44 - Day/Night :

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 39Access ListThis section explains how to control the access permission by checking the client PC’s IP addresses� It

Page 45 - User's Manual - 45

VIVOTEK 4 - User's Manual Physical DescriptionFront ViewRear ViewGeneral I/O Terminal BlockThis Network Camera provides a general I/O termina

Page 46 - 46 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 40 - User's Manual Delete allowed list / Delete denied list1:In the Delete allowed list or Delete denied list, select a list from the

Page 47 - Audio Settings

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 41Audio and VideoThis section explains how to configure audio and video performances of the Network Camera� It is com

Page 48 - 48 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 42 - User's Manual Horizontally reflect the display of the live video�Select both options if the Network Camera is installed upside-d

Page 49 - Motion Detection

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 433:Select Keep current value to conrm the setting while the white balance is being measured.4:Click Save to take ef

Page 50 - 50 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 44 - User's Manual Exposure : AutoThe Network Camera automatically adjusts the iris and gain, but fixed shutter speed (1/30 s) in

Page 51 - User's Manual - 51

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 45The Network Camera switches on the infrared cut filter at all times to block the infrared light from reaching the s

Page 52 - Preset position

VIVOTEK 46 - User's Manual be needed for data transmission� Therefore, if Constant bit rate is selected, the bandwidth utilization is fixe

Page 53 - Preset Position

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 47WindowAXAudio SettingsMute :Select this option to disable audio transmission from the Network Camera to all client

Page 54 - Custom Command

VIVOTEK 48 - User's Manual Camera. Alternatively, you can use external microphone to capture audio. The internal/external microphone switch i

Page 55 - User's Manual - 55

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 49Motion DetectionThis section explains how to configure the Network Camera to enable motion detection� A total of th

Page 56 - Application

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 5DI/DO DiagramPin 1~4 are used to connect with digital input and digital output devices� Refer to the following i

Page 57

VIVOTEK 50 - User's Manual NOTE :► In a privacy mask window, motion detection will not take effect.WindowAX► How does motion detection work?A

Page 58

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 51motion window will be outlined in red.For applications that require higher security management, it is suggested to

Page 59 - Server Type :

VIVOTEK 52 - User's Manual Camera ControlThis section explains how to control the Network Camera's Pan/Tilt operation by connecting with

Page 60 - 60 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 53:Return the Network Camera to home position�Pan / Tilt speed : Adjust the speed of pan and tilt�Pan speed Tilt spee

Page 61 - Event Settings

VIVOTEK 54 - User's Manual To set a preset position, follow the steps below�1:Adjust the Network Camera to a desired position using the butto

Page 62 - 62 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 55NOTE :► If Custom camera is selected as the PTZ driver, the PTZ control buttons will not take effect. Please go to

Page 63 - Action :

VIVOTEK 56 - User's Manual ApplicationThis section explains how to configure the Network Camera to react in response to particular situa

Page 64 - Recording

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 57Snapshot :Select to send snapshots when a trigger is activated� SourceSelect to take snapshots from stream 1 or st

Page 65 - User's Manual - 65

VIVOTEK 58 - User's Manual record video clips for how many seconds before a trigger is activated� Up to nine seconds can be set� Maximum dur

Page 66 - System Log

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 59Server name :Enter a descriptive name for the server setting� Server Type :There are four choices of server types a

Page 67 - View Parameters

VIVOTEK 6 - User's Manual Hardware ResetMicRESETEthernetExt. Int.AudioOut12345678RESETEthernetAudioOut12345678There is an indented reset bu

Page 68 - Maintenance

VIVOTEK 60 - User's Manual Server addressEnter the domain name or IP address of the FTP server� Server portBy default, the FTP port server

Page 69 - User's Manual - 69

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 61Network storage :Select to send the media to a network storage when a trigger is activated� Network storage locati

Page 70

VIVOTEK 62 - User's Manual An event is an action initiated by user-defined trigger source; it is the causal arrangement of the following thre

Page 71 - User's Manual - 71

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 63 Digital inputSelect this option to allow the Network Camera to use external digital input device as a trigger sou

Page 72 - Appendix

VIVOTEK 64 - User's Manual RecordingThis section explains how to configure the recording settings for the Network Camera� Recording SettingsC

Page 73 - Security Level

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 65

Page 74

VIVOTEK 66 - User's Manual System LogThis section explains how to configure the Network Camera to send system log to remote server as a backu

Page 75 - Set Server Parameter Values

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 67View ParametersThe View parameters page lists the entire system’s parameters in alphabetical order� If you need tec

Page 76

VIVOTEK 68 - User's Manual MaintenanceThis chapter explains how to restore the Network Camera to factory default, upgrade firmware versio

Page 77

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 69Upload / Export Daylight Saving Time Conguration FileThis feature allows you to set the starting time and ending t

Page 78

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 7InstallationHardware InstallationFollow the steps below to install the Network Camera to the wall / ceiling�1:Attach

Page 79

VIVOTEK 70 - User's Manual 3:Click Upload� To enable the DST, see System Time on page 21�The following message is displayed when attempting t

Page 80

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 71The following message is displayed when you have selected an incorrect firmware file� Starting firmware upgrade...D

Page 81

VIVOTEK 72 - User's Manual Appendix URL Commands for the Network CameraOverviewFor some customers who already have their own web site or

Page 82

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 73General CGI URL Syntax and Parameters CGI parameters are written in lower-case and as one word without any undersco

Page 83

VIVOTEK 74 - User's Manual http://<servername>/cgi-bin/viewer/getparam.cgi?[<parameter>][&<parameter>…] http://<serv

Page 84

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 75Set Server Parameter Values Note: The access right depends on the URL directory. Method: GET/POST Syntax: http://&l

Page 85

VIVOTEK 76 - User's Manual <parameter>=<value>\r\n [<parameter pair>] Only the parameters that you set and are readable wil

Page 86

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 77Group: systemNAME VALUE SECURITY (get/set) DESCRIPTION hostname string[40] 1/6 Host name of server. ledoff <

Page 87

VIVOTEK 78 - User's Manual -40: GMT-01:00 Azores, Cape_Verde_IS. 0: GMT Casablanca, Greenwich Mean Time: Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London 40

Page 88

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 79daylight_enable <boolean> 6/6 Enable automatic daylight saving time in time zone. daylight_dstactualmode&l

Page 89

VIVOTEK 8 - User's Manual Network DeploymentSetup the Network Camera over the InternetThis section explains how to configure the Networ

Page 90

VIVOTEK 80 - User's Manual Group: statusNAME VALUE SECURITY (get/set) DESCRIPTION di_i<0~(ndi-1)> <boolean> 1/7 0 => Ina

Page 91

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 81resetip <boolean> 6/6 1 => Get ipaddress, subnet, router, dns1, dns2 from DHCP server at next reboot. 0

Page 92

VIVOTEK 82 - User's Manual Subgroup of network_rtsp_s<0~(n-1)>: multicast, n is stream count NAME VALUE SECURITY (get/set) DESCRIPTION

Page 93

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 83Group: videoinNAME VALUE SECURITY (get/set) DESCRIPTION cmosfreq 50, 60 4/4 CMOS frequency. whitebalance 1,

Page 94

VIVOTEK 84 - User's Manual 3 => manual mode shutterpriority 0~15 4/4 Indicate exposure time when choosing shutter priority in“exposur

Page 95

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 8510 => F4.0 9 => F4.8 8 => F5.6 7 => F6.8 6 => F8.0 5 => F9.6 4 => F11 3 => F14 2 => F16

Page 96

VIVOTEK 86 - User's Manual 10 => 18dB 11 => 20dB 12 => 22dB 13 => 24dB 14 => 26dB 15 => 28dB s<0~(m-1)>_codectype mp

Page 97

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 87s<0~(m-1)>_mpeg4_maxframe 12351015202530 (only for 60Hz)4/4 Set maximum frame rate in fps (for MPEG-4). 1 =&g

Page 98

VIVOTEK 88 - User's Manual 1 => Enable gain 0~31 4/4 Gain of input 31 => +12 dB 30 => +10.5 dB 29 => +9 dB 28 => +7.5 dB 27

Page 99 - Drive the Digital Output

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 8948000, 64000, 96000, 128000 s<0~(m-1)>_gamr_bitrate 4750, 5150, 5900, 6700, 7400, 7950, 10200, 12200 4/4 Set

Page 100

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 9Internet connection with static IPChoose this connection type if you are required to use a static IP for the Network

Page 101 - Capture Single Snapshot

VIVOTEK 90 - User's Manual TZO, DHS, DynInterfree, CustomSafe100 TZO => DHS => DynInterfree => Cus

Page 102 - Account Management

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 913: LOG_ERR 4: LOG_WARNING 5: LOG_NOTICE 6: LOG_INFO 7: LOG_DEBUG Group: camctrl_c<0~(n-1)> for n channel prod

Page 103 - Upgrade Firmware

VIVOTEK 92 - User's Manual Group: uart NAME VALUE SECURITY (get/set) DESCRIPTION ptzdrivers_i<0~19, 127>_name string[40] 1/4 Name

Page 104 - Camera Control

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 93win_i<0~4>_top 0 ~ 240/288 4/4 Top coordinate of window position. win_i<0~4>_width 0 ~ 320/352 4

Page 105 - Preset Locations

VIVOTEK 94 - User's Manual 0(not support), 1(support) protocol_https < boolean > 0/7 Indicate whether to support HTTP over SSL. prot

Page 106 - IP Filtering

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 95audio_headphoneout<boolean> 0/7 Indicate whether to support headphone output.audioin_codec <a list of t

Page 107 - Open the Network Stream

VIVOTEK 96 - User's Manual mdwin <integer> 6/6 Indicate which motion detection windows detect. This field is required when trigger c

Page 108 - Network Camera

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 97type email, ftp, http, nsemail 6/6 Indicate the server type: “email” = email server “ftp” = FTP server “http” =

Page 109 - Technology License Notice

VIVOTEK 98 - User's Manual snapshot_datesuffix 0, 1 6/6 Add date and time suffix to filename: 1 = Add date and time suffix. 0 = Do not add

Page 110 - 110 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 99endtime hh:mm 6/6 End time of the weekly schedule. (00:00~24:00 indicates schedule always on) prefix string[16]

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