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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - User’s Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 1 Rev. 1.0User’s ManualND8401Network Video RecorderVAST inside • HD Local Display •Full Integration with

Page 2 - 2 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 10 - User's ManualPhysical Description Front ViewRear ViewIMPORTANT:It is important to leave a clearance of 15cm to the rear side of

Page 3 - User's Manual - 3

VIVOTEK 100 - User's ManualRepeat Frequency: Weekly Setting (Periods in a week)To set up Weekly (Periods in a week) repeat frequency, please

Page 4 - 4 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 101 2. Fill in a precise Start Time and End Time: a. Directly select a day and enter the value in the Start Time and

Page 5 - User's Manual - 5

VIVOTEK 102 - User's ManualRepeat Frequency: Monthly Setting (Day-based)To set up Monthly (Day-based) repeat frequency, please configure

Page 6 - 6 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 103 Repeat by date(s) of a month: Select date(s) from the calendar, and it will be displayed on the right blank as sh

Page 7 - Package Contents

VIVOTEK 104 - User's ManualRepeat Frequency: Yearly Setting (Day-based)To set up Yearly (Day-based) repeat frequency, please configure t

Page 8

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 105 Repeat by date(s) of a year: Select date(s) from the calendar, and it will be displayed on the right blank as sho

Page 9 - Initial Configuration

VIVOTEK 106 - User's ManualHow to Manually Begin /Stop RecordingBy default, all devices are assigned to the default recording storage and

Page 10 - Physical Description

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 107 How to Edit Scheduled Backup SettingsVAST LiveClient supports scheduled backup which allows the user to back up t

Page 11 - Hardware Installation

VIVOTEK 108 - User's ManualSetup Backup Schedulef. Fill in a desired time and click >> to add the backup time. Please note that the back

Page 12

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 109 How to Congure Station Server SettingsVAST LiveClient supports Server Settings including DDNS Settings, Network

Page 13 - Interface Connections

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 11 Hardware InstallationSATA hard disk(s) are user-supplied. The network video recorder can readily accommodate most

Page 14 - Network Deployment

VIVOTEK 110 - User's ManualNetwork Storage Server SettingsThe VAST Server allows user to set up network storage path(s) for recorded les. Ple

Page 15 - Initial Conguration

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 111 SMTP SettingsVAST Server allows user to set up SMTP Server to send mail alert when event triggers. For more infor

Page 16 - Cable modem

VIVOTEK 112 - User's ManualHow to Use the Talk PanelVAST LiveClient supports the two way audio function which allows the user to communicate w

Page 17

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 113  An icon with the camera name will be displayed in the Talk Panel.  Please note that you cannot Talk and Play S

Page 18 - Ready to Use

VIVOTEK 114 - User's ManualRemove a Camera from the Talk Panel Remove a camera Drag a camera from the Talk Panel and drop to the hierarchic

Page 19

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 115 How to Congure E-map SettingsVAST LiveClient supports intuitive E-map function which allows users to upload E

Page 20

VIVOTEK 116 - User's ManualE-map Settings Page (View Mode) Double-click an E-map on the tree, it will be displayed on the E-map window as

Page 21 - NVR Desktop Elements

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 117 Quick Access BarStatus PanelIcon Function DescriptionZoom in Zoom in the E-mapZoom out Zoom out the E-mapDefault

Page 22 - Menu Bar

VIVOTEK 118 - User's ManualE-map Settings Page (Edit Mode)A. Menu bar B. Quick access bar C. E-map list tree D. Devi

Page 23

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 119 Device ManagementPlease follow the steps below to edit an uploaded E-map.a. Double-click the E-map you want to ed

Page 24 - VAST LiveClient Functionality

VIVOTEK 12 - User's Manual5. Install drive tray by pushing it into drive bay. when it is almost fully inserted, close the bezel. The bezel wil

Page 25 - VAST Server

VIVOTEK 120 - User's ManualLive View Dialog SettingsClick System > E-map Settings to open the E-map Settings dialog, then you can choose to

Page 26 - LiveClient Configuration

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 121 E-map LinkAfter completing device deployment on your E-map, you can link an E-map to another E-map.Please follow

Page 27 - LiveClient User Interface

VIVOTEK 122 - User's Manuald. Right-click the blue frame to Resize or Delete it. Click Resize, some nodes will appear around the blue frame

Page 28 - Live Video Monitoring Window

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 123 h. Test the web links. Click on the Quick Access Bar to switch to view mode. Double-click the blue frame on

Page 29 - Hierarchical Management Tree

VIVOTEK 124 - User's ManualHow to Congure Client SettingsIn Client Settings, you can configure Snapshot Settings, Recording Settings, View

Page 30 - Camera Control Panel

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 125 If you uncheck Generate a le name automatically, the Save le dialog box will pop up when you take a snapshot. T

Page 31 - User's Manual - 31

VIVOTEK 126 - User's ManualRecording SettingsThe VAST Server allows you to record the live video in EXE, 3GP, or AVI format to your storage fo

Page 32 - Event Window

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 127 d. If you check "Record with only standard codec", the video from old models (VIVOTEK 6000-series prod

Page 33

VIVOTEK 128 - User's Manuald. Select the frame rate/ per second. e. To modify the video compression settings, click Video Compression Setting

Page 34

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 129 Record an EXE/3GP/AVI FilePlease follow the steps below to record an EXE/3GP/AVI le of a live video stream:a. Se

Page 35

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 13 Interface Connections01LANInternetRouter 1 234567LAN WANVGAUSB devicesExternal enclosureAudio devicesPower cord1 &

Page 36 - Insert Cameras

VIVOTEK 130 - User's ManualBuilt-in Media Player--EXEBelow is the icon of footages saved as EXE les. Double-click on it, the recorded video w

Page 37 - 2010/12/10 17:08:56

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 131 The function menu of the built-in media player are displayed as shown below: The built-in player is able to play

Page 38 - Post-event time

VIVOTEK 132 - User's ManualView SettingsThis section allows you to set the display mode of a video cell, including Display Location, Date and

Page 39

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 133 Date and Time Format Same as local computer: Select this option and then the date and time format will synchroni

Page 40

VIVOTEK 134 - User's ManualGeneral SettingsThis section allows you to congure the System Settings and Rotation Settings.System Settings Au

Page 41 - User's Manual - 41

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 135 Event Settings Enable live event notification: Select this option to activate real-time event notification. For

Page 42

VIVOTEK 136 - User's Manual Enable auto stream size: The Auto Stream Size feature dynamically adjusts the stream sizes of video feeds from n

Page 43 - Update Devices

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 137  Enable Instant Replay on video cell (on a LiveClient installed to a PC): When enabled, a small Replay icon wil

Page 44 - Delete a device:

VIVOTEK 138 - User's ManualJoystick SettingsThis section explains how to remotely control the network cameras using a USB joystick. Enable Joy

Page 45 - Batch Insert Cameras

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 139 Buttons CongurationIn Button Conguration window, the left column shows the actions you can assign, and the righ

Page 46 - 46 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 14 - User's ManualNetwork Deployment1. Connect network cameras to the NVR’s LAN ports. 2. If you want to access NVR over the Internet,

Page 47

VIVOTEK 140 - User's Manualc. The Assigned Action will appear beside Button 1 in the right column as shown in the following diagram. Note that

Page 48

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 141 e. Click OK to save the settings or click Cancel to discard the settings. If you want to assign Preset actions t

Page 49 - Camera Conguration

VIVOTEK 142 - User's ManualPTZ/ E-PTZ FunctionIn addition to using the PTZ control panel, you may also control the rotation handle on the joys

Page 50

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 143 How to Use PiP (Picture-in-Picture)PiP (Picture-in-Picture) is an intuitive function for user to simultaneously v

Page 51 - NTP Settings

VIVOTEK 144 - User's ManualROI (Region of Interest)The ROI frame can be resized and moved in any direction across the global view window. The

Page 52 - View Live Videos

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 145 How to Congure Video EnhancementThe LiveClient allows you to enable post-image enhancement and defog for video l

Page 53 - Swipe to scroll horizontally

VIVOTEK 146 - User's Manualg. Back to the main page, a “VE” text string will also appear at the bottom right of the video cell and the new pro

Page 54

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 147 DefogThis function allows you to congure post-image defog.Apply a Preset Defog ProlePlease follow the steps bel

Page 55 - Click, hold down

VIVOTEK 148 - User's Manuald. The string of the selected prole will be selected as shown below. A “VE” text string will also appear at the bo

Page 56

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 149 f. Adjust the values of Block Size, Strength, and Threshold. You can preview the image from the right window. A “

Page 57

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 15 Initial Conguration1. The system power on self test and OS initialization takes about 2 minutes to complete. Once

Page 58 - Mega-Pixel Network Camera

VIVOTEK 150 - User's ManualHow to Search for a Device on the Hierarchical Device TreeThis function allows you to conveniently search for an in

Page 59 - User's Manual - 59

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 151 How to Lock LiveClient for Security ConcernsIf you are away from your computer, for security reasons, we suggest

Page 60

VIVOTEK 152 - User's ManualLauch Playback Click on Launch Playback to directly open the Playback utility.Note that the LiveClient utility is s

Page 61

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 153 Chapter Three NVR Playback ConfigurationActivating VAST Playback and Logging in to a ServerVAST Playback allows y

Page 62

VIVOTEK 154 - User's ManualNOTE: If your network environment need to set up proxy, click More >> to extend the login window, then clic

Page 63

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 155 VAST Playback User InterfaceA. Menu bar B. Quick access bar C. Query panel (Browsing / Time search

Page 64 - How to Manage Stations

VIVOTEK 156 - User's ManualQuick Access BarSome buttons will be disabled if the selected device does not support those functions.Recorded Vide

Page 65 - How to Manage User Accounts

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 157 Synchronous Playback Click to enable synchronous playback for multiple channelsQuery Panel-- Browsing PageDates w

Page 66 - 66 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 158 - User's ManualQuery Panel--Time Search PageThe Time Zone setting is automatically synchronized with that on the NVR station.Selec

Page 67 - Manage a User Account

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 159 Audio ControlThe audio function will be enabled if the device is equipped with an internal or external

Page 68

VIVOTEK 16 - User's Manual4-3. Connect your WAN port to a router or AP with the routing capability and then to a DSL or Cable modem.

Page 69 - Delete the User Account

VIVOTEK 160 - User's ManualHow to Change the Playback LayoutChanging the Layout of the Recorded Video Playback WindowVIVOTEK VAST Playback sup

Page 70 - Association Management

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 161 Maximize the Recorded Video Playback Window Single View: to maxmize a video cell to the entire video playback w

Page 71 - User's Manual - 71

VIVOTEK 162 - User's Manual Full Screen: to maxmize the video playback window to the entire screenClick Full Screen on the quick access bar

Page 72 - Internet

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 163 How to Backup Recorded VideoIn addition to the Schedule Backup function of VAST LiveClient introduced on page 61,

Page 73 - Event Management

VIVOTEK 164 - User's Manual To backup part of the recorded video of the day: Select the date and choose the video clip(s) from vi

Page 74

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 165 How to View Backup FilesThe VAST Playback also allows users to playback backup les, including Schedule Backup by

Page 75

VIVOTEK 166 - User's Manual1. The Backup function does not take place between the NVR system and a PC running the Playback utility. 2. If you

Page 76

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 167 Model-specic Functions (FE Series Fisheye)The VAST Playback program offers model-specific functions through a ri

Page 77

VIVOTEK 168 - User's ManualTo congure the SVC-related feature:1. Right-click on the playback window of an SVC-enabled camera. Select SVC fps

Page 78

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 169 How to Search for a Video Clip Taken at a Specic TimePlease follow the steps below to use Time Search function:a

Page 79

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 17 5. On the Disk page, Select disk drives by clicking the checkboxes in front of disk drives.Select Build single dis

Page 80 - Log Settings

VIVOTEK 170 - User's ManualHow to Add a BookmarkBookmark is a convenient tagging function that allow your to pinpoint and extract a 20-second

Page 81 - Reboot Settings

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 171 How to Search for EventsThe VAST Playback program offers users an intuitive event search engine for retrieving vi

Page 82 - Web Access Settings

VIVOTEK 172 - User's ManualSelect Event CategoryThe following introduces the event search categories: All Events, All Motion Events, All IVA e

Page 83 - How to Edit Recording Stoage

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 173 Event Category- All IVA eventsIf you select the All IVA events category, all detected IVA events will be included

Page 84

VIVOTEK 174 - User's ManualEvent Category- Named DI EventsThis category allows you to select only Named DI Events--the DI device which you hav

Page 85

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 175 Start Event SearchAfter you specify all of the search criteria mentioned above, select or deselect the Display in

Page 86

VIVOTEK 176 - User's ManualBackup the Event VideosPlease follow the steps below to backup the evnet videos on the results list:a. Select the v

Page 87 - Add New Storage Group(s)

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 177 How to Search for a BookmarkPlease follow the steps below to use Bookmark Search function:a. Click on the tabbed

Page 88 - 88 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 178 - User's ManualHow to Search LogsThe VAST Playback program offers a convenient log engine for searching all local logs based on di

Page 89 - Edit Schedule List

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 179 Select Log Category/Log Type/Log LevelThe following table shows the breakdown of log category, level, and type. T

Page 90 - Load/Save Schedule Templates

VIVOTEK 18 - User's ManualReady to Use 1. You will then be at the Control Center screen. Double-click on the LiveClient or Playback buttons to

Page 91 - Edit Camera List

VIVOTEK 180 - User's ManualSearch All Local LogsSearch Login HistorySelect Login History from the log category eld and click the Search butto

Page 92 - Edit Time Frame List

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 181 Search Login ActivitiesThis function allows you to search the operations the user performed during the login peri

Page 93 - Add New Time Frames

VIVOTEK 182 - User's Manuald. The search results of the login activities will be displayed on the Login Activities page as shown below.When yo

Page 94

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 183 How to Congure Client SettingsOn Client Settings, you can congure Snapshot Settings, Export Settings, View Sett

Page 95 - Continuous Recording

VIVOTEK 184 - User's ManualExport an EXE/3GP/AVI FilePlease follow the steps below to convert part of an EXE/3GP/AVI le of recorded video:a.

Page 96

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 185 View SettingsThis section allows you to set up the display mode of video cell. For detailed information about Vie

Page 97

VIVOTEK 186 - User's ManualHow to Lock VAST Playback for Security ConcernsIf you happen to be away from your computer, for security reasons, w

Page 98

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 187 Chapter Four Auxiliary UtilitiesIn addition to LiveClient and Playback, the NVR system comes with a variet

Page 99

VIVOTEK 188 - User's ManualServiceChances are you may need to stop and restart the embedded VAST server. On occasions such as stopping a rec

Page 100 - VIVOTEK

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 189 To import a previously saved conguration: a. Click Import previous settings. b. Use the browse button to locat

Page 101 - Set up repeat time interval

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 19 3-2. Click on the Search button. 3-3. Select cameras by clicking their checkboxes. 3-4. Click OK, return to the pr

Page 102 - Set up daily time segments

VIVOTEK 190 - User's ManualInstallation Wizard 2 This is the same utility that comes with every VIVOTEK's network camera. You can use it

Page 103

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 191 ShepherdThe Shepherd is handy in duplicating one single camera's configuration to multiple cameras. In thi

Page 104

VIVOTEK 192 - User's Manuali. A warning message will remind you of the IP address. If you configured a static IP on the source camera, it i

Page 105

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 193 Upgrade Software upgrade packages will be released on VIVOTEK's support website. You can download these les

Page 106

VIVOTEK 194 - User's ManualFile ManagerThe File Manager provides access to the file browser window of the embedded operating system. By

Page 107 - Select Backup Source

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 195 Disk StatusClick on the tabbed menu on the desktop to enter the Disk Status window. The rst information is the L

Page 108 - Other Options

VIVOTEK 196 - User's ManualYou may perform Quick Test or Complete Test to acquire the current integrity status. The test utility then polls th

Page 109 - DDNS Settings

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 197 System StatusSystem Status states the current working status and system time.

Page 110

VIVOTEK 198 - User's ManualAppendix A Rebuilding a RAID VolumeIf a drive fails, the failure will be indicated by the system fault LED or the D

Page 111 - SMTP Settings

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 199 Once you replace the faulty drive with a new one, an automatic rebuild will begin, and its progress will be indic

Page 112 - Network Camera with internal

VIVOTEK 2 - User's ManualTable of Contents Revision History ...

Page 113 - User's Manual - 113

VIVOTEK 20 - User's ManualIn terms of local display, the default stream 1 for live view can be congured with a resolution up to Full HD 30fps

Page 114

VIVOTEK 200 - User's ManualAppendix B ONVIF SupportPrerequisites: 1. You may connect cameras made by other manufacturers to the system as l

Page 115 - Upload an E-map

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 201 6. Visual indication on user interface: A camera on the device treeA camera recording to the systemOn the insert

Page 116

VIVOTEK 202 - User's ManualTechnical SpecicationsAll specications are subject to change without notice. Copyright © 2013 VIVOTEK INC. All ri

Page 117 - Status Panel

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 21 NVR Desktop ElementsMenu BarDesktop ShortcutsControl CenterNormally the desktop defaults to the Control Center vie

Page 118

VIVOTEK 22 - User's ManualMenu BarThe menu bar contains the following menus:Menu DescriptionControl Center As previously described, the Contro

Page 119 - Device Management

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 23 Chapter Two NVR LiveClient Configuration Centralized management site for all the logged in clients An NVR can

Page 120 - 2013/01/06 12:30:41

VIVOTEK 24 - User's ManualVAST LiveClient Functionality Server function control  User account management  Recording storage manage

Page 121

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 25 VAST ServerActivating the VAST ServerVAST Server is a service program that will run automatically when your

Page 122

VIVOTEK 26 - User's ManualLiveClient ConfigurationOpening the LiveClient Interface and Logging in VAST LiveClient allows you to monitor live v

Page 123

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 27 LiveClient User InterfaceMenu BarStatus PanelABCDEGFUser Name CPUStation Name (IP Address) usageLogin Time (yyyy-m

Page 124 - Snapshot Settings

VIVOTEK 28 - User's ManualQuick Access BarSome buttons will be disabled if the selected devices do not support the related functions.Live Vide

Page 125 - 2012/12/12 PM 12:46:27

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 29 Hierarchical Management TreeStation Name (IP address)Connected devices listed under the stationCamera name (IP Add

Page 126 - Recording Settings

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 3 Dual / Multiple Streams ...

Page 127 - Type 3: Record to AVI

VIVOTEK 30 - User's ManualCamera Control PanelPan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) Control Panel There are two types of PTZ control: Digital (E-PTZ for megap

Page 128 - IMPORTANT:

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 31 Two Way Audio Control PanelThe two way audio function allows the user to remotely communicate with people nearby t

Page 129 - Record an EXE/3GP/AVI File

VIVOTEK 32 - User's ManualEvent Window Click View > Event Window to insert a window showing the real-time information for event triggers. I

Page 130 - 12:46:27

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 33 Instant Playback (on Remote LiveClient)Instant Playback is available on a remote LiveClient console. Check View &g

Page 131 - User's Manual - 131

VIVOTEK 34 - User's ManualPrerequisites for Instant Replay:1. The function is enabled by default, only available on a LiveClient installed on

Page 132 - View Settings

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 35 Audio ControlThe audio function will be enabled if the device is equipped with an internal or external

Page 133 - Font Settings

VIVOTEK 36 - User's ManualHow to Manage Devices (Cameras)Please follow the steps below to open the Camera Management window:a. Select the stat

Page 134 - General Settings

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 37  If you want to use "HTTPS Port", please enable the HTTPs settings on the conguration page of a web c

Page 135 - Rotation Settings

VIVOTEK 38 - User's Manuale. Congure Recording Settings:  Recording Stream: By default, the stream source of the recording stream is stream

Page 136

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 39 f. The device will automatically be assigned to the default Storage Group. Deselect the item if you want to cancel

Page 137

VIVOTEK 4 - User's ManualEdit Camera List ...

Page 138 - Joystick Settings

VIVOTEK 40 - User's ManualEnable SVC If the camera to-be-added supports the latest SVC (Scalable Video Coding) feature, select the SVC checkbo

Page 139 - Buttons Conguration

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 41 2. Right-click on the view cell of an SVC-enabled camera. Select SVC fps adjust bar. 3. A slide bar will appear ab

Page 140

VIVOTEK 42 - User's ManualIf you have multiple SVC-enabled cameras, you can enable a collective setting via the Adjust SVC level button on the

Page 141 - User's Manual - 141

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 43 Update DevicesPlease follow the steps below to update a device via Camera Management window:a. Click Conguration

Page 142 - Proxy Settings

VIVOTEK 44 - User's ManualDelete Devices from the Station Delete a device:Right-click the device on the device tree, then select Delete. A d

Page 143 - Digital Zoom In

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 45 Batch Insert CamerasBatch insert is a very useful function that allows user to search, filter, and import a row

Page 144

VIVOTEK 46 - User's Manual IP with prex: Key in in the prex of the IP address to narrow down the list. Model with prex: The user can ty

Page 145 - Basic Image Adjustment

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 47 e. When the list is ltered, you can select the cameras one by one or check Select All to add them to the batch in

Page 146 - 2013/01/08 12:20:22

VIVOTEK 48 - User's Manualg. At the bottom of the window, there is a eld for you to alter the camera settings including Connection Settings a

Page 147 - Apply a Preset Defog Prole

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 49 Camera CongurationThe Camera Conguration function group provides immediate access to the video streaming and oth

Page 148 - Create a New Defog Prole

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 5 General Settings ...

Page 149 - 2013/01/13 12:20:22

VIVOTEK 50 - User's Manual AudioIf audio feed is preferred, configure the audio codec type and operating mode in here. VideoThis tabbed wi

Page 150

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 51  Remote FocusFor cameras supporting the remote focus feature, such as the FD8362E that comes with a motorized le

Page 151 - How to Exit VAST LiveClient

VIVOTEK 52 - User's ManualView Live VideosYou should double-click on the target device or drag-and-drop the target device from the hierarchic

Page 152 - Second View

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 53 Fisheye Display Modes: below are conceptual drawings for different display modes. 1O View (Original View)180° Hemi

Page 153 - Configuration

VIVOTEK 54 - User's ManualSwipe to scroll horizontally2P (2 Panoramic) Display mode:Two dewarped rectangular views are placed one on top of an

Page 154 - 154 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 55 The various display modes require the support of D3D technologies by your display card. Most off-the-shelf display

Page 155 - VAST Playback User Interface

VIVOTEK 56 - User's ManualRegional View #1Panoramic ViewRegional View #3Regional View #2Regional View #1Regional View #3Regional View #2Region

Page 156

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 57 RefreshRight-click the device, then click Refresh, the camera information will be refreshed from the server.Stream

Page 157 - Query Panel-- Browsing Page

VIVOTEK 58 - User's ManualCamera SettingsRight-click the device, then click Camera Settings to open a brower's session to the camera. Rem

Page 158 - Query Panel--Time Search Page

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 59 How to Change the VAST LiveClient LayoutChanging the Layout of the Live Video Monitoring WindowThe NVR's Live

Page 159 - Audio Control

VIVOTEK 6 - User's ManualEvent Category- All Events ...

Page 160 - Layout mode Description

VIVOTEK 60 - User's ManualFor example, under the 3 x 3 layout mode, you can switch among the pages by clicking and on the quick access b

Page 161 - Single View

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 61 d. Back to the monitoring window, the new layout will appear under the device tree as shown below. You can save up

Page 162

VIVOTEK 62 - User's ManualMaximize the Live Video Monitoring Window Single View: to maxmize a video cell to the entire live video windowDoub

Page 163 - How to Backup Recorded Video

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 63  Full Screen: Maximize the live video monitoring window to the entire screenClick Full Screen on the quick acce

Page 164

VIVOTEK 64 - User's ManualHow to Manage StationsA standard VAST Server allows you to construct a hierarchical management system by adding more

Page 165 - How to View Backup Files

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 65 How to Manage User AccountsVAST on NVR allows users to apply multiple user accounts to a station with five le

Page 166 - You can upload

VIVOTEK 66 - User's ManualPrivileges \ User Roles Administrator Power User User Operator Guest DescriptionModify DirectoriesAdd, remove and re

Page 167 - 53 and the following pages

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 67 Manage a User AccountAdd a New User Accounta. Select the station from the hierarchical management tree.b. Click Co

Page 168 - 168 - User's Manual

VIVOTEK 68 - User's ManualPermission of the User AccountAdministrator is granted with all access privileges, while other user roles' perm

Page 169

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 69 If you want to remove access permission mentioned above from the account, the user will not be able to operate som

Page 170 - How to Add a Bookmark

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 7 Revision HistoryRev. 1.0: Initial release. Rev. 1.1a: Corrected description of the functions on e-map's right-

Page 171 - How to Search for Events

VIVOTEK 70 - User's ManualHow to Set up Association ManagementThe LiveClient supports association management which allows the user to configur

Page 172 - Video(TCP-AV)

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 71  To manually enable DI/DO settings, please right-click the video cell and select Set DO to enable (Trigger) or di

Page 173 - Event Category- All DI Events

VIVOTEK 72 - User's ManualHow to Set up Event ManagementThe NVR's LiveClient supports event management which allows the server to res

Page 174

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 73 Event ManagementPlease follow the steps below to congure event management:a. Select the station from the hierarch

Page 175 - Start Event Search

VIVOTEK 74 - User's Manuale. The Device List window will prompt. Select one or more devices and set the Notification Type. Depending on the

Page 176 - Backup the Event Videos

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 75  Start to record on: The sever will start to record video from selected camera(s) when an event is triggered.

Page 177 - How to Search for a Bookmark

VIVOTEK 76 - User's Manual GSM Short Message: The sever will send a short message to a GSM cell phone when an event is triggered. A GSM mode

Page 178 - How to Search Logs

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 77  Client Notication: This function allows a notication video cell to prompt when an event is triggered. You can

Page 179 - User's Manual - 179

VIVOTEK 78 - User's Manualt. When you finish schedule settings, click Next to review the detailed information of the new event settings.

Page 180 - Search Login History

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 79 u. Following is the detailed information of the new event setting. You can click Back to modify the event setting

Page 181 - Search Login Activities

VIVOTEK 8 - User's ManualSymbols and Statements in this Documenti INFORMATION: provides important messages or advices that might help preven

Page 182

VIVOTEK 80 - User's ManualHow to Congure the Station General SettingsSelect the target station from the hierarchical management tree, then

Page 183 - Export Settings

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 81 Reboot SettingsYou can schedule a system reboot every day at a specic time in a day or in days within a week. Sel

Page 184 - Export an EXE/3GP/AVI File

VIVOTEK 82 - User's ManualHow to Congure Station Network SettingsSelect the target station from the hierarchical management tree, then cli

Page 185

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 83 How to Edit Recording StoageBy default, all devices (cameras) are assigned to the default recording storage.

Page 186 - How to Exit VAST Playback

VIVOTEK 84 - User's ManualDefault Storage Group SettingsThe following example shows the default storage group settings. You can click Rename

Page 187

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 85 e. Add Local Path: Click to add another recording path on your local computer. A Select Path dialog will pop up

Page 188 - Import and Export Utility

VIVOTEK 86 - User's Manualg. To modify the settings of a path, select the path from the list, then click Change settings to modify.h. To del

Page 189

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 87 Add New Storage Group(s)If you want to add a new storage group, click Add to give a name to the new storage grou

Page 190 - Installation Wizard 2

VIVOTEK 88 - User's ManualHow to Edit Recording SchedulesAfter editing recording storage settings, you can begin to edit recording schedu

Page 191 - Shepherd

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 89 Edit Schedule ListPlease follow the steps below to set up the recording schedules:a. Select the VAST station from

Page 192

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 9 Chapter One Hardware Installation and Initial ConfigurationIntroducing ND8401 Network Video RecorderVIVOTEK ND8401

Page 193 - Upgrade

VIVOTEK 90 - User's ManualLoad/Save Schedule Templatesg. If you have a schedule template with time frame settings, you can upload it to facili

Page 194 - Keyboard

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 91 Edit Camera ListPlease follow the steps below to assign a device to a recording schedule:a. Select a recording sch

Page 195 - Disk Status

VIVOTEK 92 - User's ManualEdit Time Frame ListDefault Time Frame: Weekly (Day-based), Mon.~Sun., 24-hour, continuous recordingClick Edit to op

Page 196 - Network Status

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 93 Add New Time FramesPlease follow the steps below to add new time frames to a schedule:a. Select a recording schedu

Page 197 - System Status

VIVOTEK 94 - User's Manualh. If you want to add additional time frames to the schedule, repeat the steps above. i. Close the window when you 

Page 198

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 95 The following diagrams show the frame rate variations using two different recording modes:1. Continuous recording

Page 199

VIVOTEK 96 - User's ManualRepeat Frequency: Daily SettingTo set up daily repeat frequency, please congure the following items: Daily time seg

Page 200 - Appendix B ONVIF Support

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 97 2. Fill in the precise Start Time and End Time: a. Directly enter the value in the Start Time and End Time fields,

Page 201 - A camera on the device tree

VIVOTEK 98 - User's ManualSet up applicable period of timeFor repeat frequencies, you can set up the applicable date and period of time for th

Page 202 - Technical Specications

VIVOTEK User's Manual - 99 Repeat Frequency: Weekly Setting (Day-based)To set up Weekly (Day-based) repeat frequency, please configure

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